Volunteer Opportunities

Rahab Center has a number of volunteer opportunities where you can make a difference. Do you have an hour a week to give? Look at the list below to see what position might be a good fit for your skills, interests, or abilities. (Don't worry, we'll train you for the position!)

We are able to carry out our mission thanks in part
to the volunteers that donate their time and talent to our organization.  
We couldn’t do it without them.

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Mentors meet one-on-one with their client each week to set goals, offer guidance, and develop a relationship and offer prayer.

Personal Desk


Ambassadors spread awareness about Rahab's Heart by attending local networking and recruiting events (such as at churches, attend fundraisers, networking groups, etc.) as official representatives of Rahab Center.

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Skilled Professionals

Share your talent by offering pro bono services in tutoring, tax preparation, legal work, or any professional field that will benefit our women.

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Behind the Scenes Help

Apply your office skills to assist with organizational tasks, event mailings, fundraisers at Rahab Center.